Hello there, this is an experimental e-store built by Tom H.

Have fun tinkering around as an Admin. You can put in some of your favour games. Name your price, write your description, provide a YouTube trailer link, and find a good logo picture. Your added games will show up in the Game Store ready for sale. Not only that, you also can pack them all up into one bundle showing on Humble Bundle with your picked background image. All Through an easy to understand CMS, no code needed.

Tech Stack:

  • Front-End:
  • Thymeleaf
  • Bootstrap
  • jQuery

  • Back-End:
  • Sring Boot
  • Spring Data
  • Spring Security
  • Spring Cache
  • Hibernate
  • MySQL

My database schema:

Contact, comment and feedback are all welcome at my email: tomhdotcom@gmail.com

Visit my portfolio at: http://www.saturnringstation.com/portfolio/