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Spring Boot select bean by properties file in runtime.

It’s very convenience that we can switch our beans using @Profile annotation and set them in However…

One draw back is that the beans marked with @profile are either being created or not in application-context. What happens when you need all those beans to be created in a “hybrid” environment? Well, when we @Autowired that specified bean, we get “multiple beans of same type” error. If we add @Qualifier to it, then it will complains “referenced bean ‘beanName’ not found” back in “non-hybrid” environment.

Here is an annotation only quick fix.

It can be any field in your properties file. Instead of creating a new field I just reuse the Since we have to come up names for all @Profile annotation. let them be the bean names.

let’s have an exmaple:

this is a web crawler that has three persistence services. One stores images in local folder, one stores images in a DB, and last one store them in both folder and DB (“hybrid” environment).

Other way to do it will be writing xml. Pick different xml based on an external properties file or command. Yet another way will be writing a custom Condition class doing properties name check and with @Conditional on beans.

Btw this whole app is on GitHub, in CrawlerWithDB folder.

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Spring Boot select bean by properties file in runtime.