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Arresting piece of art background Hero animation: Flowing transforming circle by pimskie.

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About Me:

The story starts as a young boy got his hands on a computer for the first time. He was immediately hooked and knowing this is the thing. The boy is very thankful to his parents; It’s not easy for a family in the mid-90s to have a computer at home in China. The main reason to buy a computer is for his mother accounting needs, but soon it’s occupied by the boy, of course. The computer brought a whole new world to the boy. The boy kept reading all the magazines about computer at the newspaper stands. Later, the boy built and fixed computers for his friends and relatives. Then, the Internet came to the house. The boy’s world keeps on expanding. He always finds interesting new contents on the web. He’s feeling rich.

Time flies by, he's no longer at the age of a boy. He was in the College studying Computer Science and found out the environment isn't for him and is too expensive.

"I guess it comes down to a simple choice, really. Get busy living or get busy dying."

He thinks the Internet has enriched his life for so much, he wants to give back. By an attempt of self education, with help of vast educational contents on the web, he rediscover the true love and propose toward IT. A brand new gate has opened and he's quite enjoying it. It’s time for him to get off being only a consumer of the Internet. To be a builder, provider and giver. To take on greater responsibility, to even enlighten and enrich more lives through Internet by building great websites/webapps. He knows through hard work, one can have his/her true fulfillment.

Now, coding became a major part of his life.

"Burn till nothing lasts but white ashes."